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Website Development

We develop great looking websites. We specialize in WordPress and HTML designs. If you need an e-commerce site, we can build that as well. Whether you need a band website to sell your albums, or simply need a website developed to display your company information, we have you covered.

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Office Microsoft 365 Managed Services

As a Microsoft Partner, we can sell Microsoft 365 managed services. This can include setup of the environments, training staff, and providing general support.

Website Management and Hosting

We help ensure your site is live and running smoothly. We can provide backup services in case you accidentally make changes which cause your site to break, help monitor your site and alert you to security threats, make minor site changes to your site each month, ensure your apps and plugins that you may use are using the newest version. We do services like these on your behalf so you can focus on your business and making sales.

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Bookkeeping Services

Need basic bookkeeping done for your business? We may be able to help. We can either input and categorize transactions for you; or we can train you how to do it yourself – this way, you can lower your costs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We help get your site seen by your local customers. If you are having trouble getting people to view your site and come see your business, this is the perfect service for you.

Business Analysis

Looking to find ways to improve performance and profit, allow us to take a deep dive into your company and interpret your data for you. From there we will look to provide suggestions and other feedback.

Website Security

Ensure customer information is safe. Help protect yourself and clients.

Printing Services

We want to help you look professional. From designing to actual printing of physical products. Some include; Business cards, Flyers, T-Shirts, and much more.

Print Design and Products – Overwatch Media


If you use outside software, we may be able to help support your needs. Such as: Track product inventory. Embed PayPal links seamlessly. Integrate with QuickBooks, UPS, etc. And Much More!


Need portraits of company members, or perhaps photography of your products to help boost sales. We can help with that.

Sell Your Products Online

You can have your own online storefront. You Set Your Prices. Accept all major credit cards. Integrate with QuickBooks, UPS. And Much More!

Musician/Record Label/DJ Highlights

If you are a musician, you will definitely find the following benefits useful. Let the focus be on you: Have your own site. Show Labels and fans you’re serious. Give fans a place to see ONLY YOU. No need to fight for endless competition on sites like SoundCloud or Facebook.

For other services like Mixing and Mastering View our Musician Services

Sell Your Merchandise Royalty Free: Be in Charge. Keep Your Profits. We Don’t Take Merch Royalties like other sites. If you’re selling your own products, you deserve it all.

Blog: Create a reason for fans to keep stopping by. Share the latest news and events about you. Allows Pictures, Links and Video, Seamlessly Create Posts, Comment Moderation

Photos, Audio, Video: Have the ability to Post your own photos, Let fans lesson to audio from your site, Let fans watch videos from your site

Social Media Features: Keeping fans focused on you by having your own page is great, but social media is still a fantastic way to get your content shared and circulating through the public. Sites can be made with Share Buttons, Integrated Social Icons, social media feed.

  • Embed Widgets: Embed PayPal links, SoundCloud player friendly, Utilize YouTube Email:
  • Want to show venues, stores, press, and Record Labels your running a serious operation to increase contact. With our email plans you can do just that. Other Musician Services
  • We have members of our company with music industry experience.
  • Some services include: Mixing and Mastering, CD/Mixtape Design, and more.
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