We guarantee to meet your requested specifications. If we can not meet your specifications, we insist that you tell us and we will refund your money back and provide a discount on any of our other services you may be interested in.

Tired of sites that tell you all they have to offer but can’t even give an approximate cost? Well Overwatch Media gives you our Most Popular Approximates upfront.

*You may upgrade to a different plan as you please.

NOTE: Remember to ask about our Military and Veteran discounts

Web Maintenance Pricing

You want to focus on your business, we get that. Our maintenance plans let you focus on providing the services you do best.

By working with us, you don't have to run without security and risk an easily hacked site, never thought of malware getting into your site never crossed your mind, we provide the scans and cleaning for that. Do you have website backups (or even know how to restore your site when needed) now you do. Avoid having a vulnerable website with outdated plugins, themes. Did you have a plan in place to secure customer transaction or were you going to leave your doors wide open, let us close and lock them for you to help keep your customers credit card information safe.

Small Business Plan

45 per month
  • Don't want to be a hosting admin specialist, we will for you.
  • Basic Business Review to make sure you are good to go on the business side
  • Hosting with Domain with Private Registration
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to keep help keep your site secure and to secure customer transactions
  • Updates to Themes/Plugins
  • Updates to WordPress and PHP version
  • Daily Backups (Every 24 hrs)
  • Uptime Monitoring

Enterprise Plan

95 per month
  • You want an enterprise style solution with full fledged managed services, with added security. Additionally, you get discounts on our other business services plus deep discounts on software like Quickbooks.
  • Basic Business Review to make sure you are good to go on the business side
  • Hosting with Domain with Private Registration
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to keep help keep your site secure and to secure customer transactions
  • Updates to Themes/Plugins
  • Updates to WordPress and PHP version
  • Daily Backups (Every 24 hrs)
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Content Delivery Network - to help your site run faster
  • Detect and remove malware. Malware scan and removal.
  • Spam comment control for WordPress sites
  • Add Provided SEO

Website Design Pricing

On average, our clients typically pay $1000.

Other Services Pricing

Generally, the pricing for all our other services is $45/hr

Sell Products Commission Free

At Overwatch Media, we find it an insult to charge you an extra 5-10% or higher commission just so you can sell YOUR products. Whether you set it up, or we set it up, we don’t charge an extra set of royalties for your hard work. You are already paying once, there’s no need to pay it again

Pricing FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why don’t you recommend the Do It Yourself (DIY) approach?
The customers we’ve worked with usually do not realize how much work it will take to create their own website and They commonly request our assistance for our one time fee rate. They mostly request we provide them training in depth lessons, request we fix their mistakes (which may take extra time to find the root of the issue compared to if we did it ourselves), and request we make changes that they had no idea how to make. This takes extra time that the client may not have had as well as costs more upfront to our clients

Additionally, before we started restricting the DIY option, most clients we’ve worked with needed the business help that we would've provided as a part of our service plans and these are the customers that shut down their business sooner.
However, the reason we still offer this plan is because we do sometimes deal with customers that have well rounded business knowledge, and have the time and vigor to build their website and manage it themselves after working with us. They also have the money to pay all the upfront costs associated with routinely requesting our assistance.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy, simply setup a free consultation or use our Contact form. We will go over your capabilities, what it is that you want and are looking to do. Based off of this, we will suggest additional products, that you can choose or not choose without any pressure. We set to go, we will begin setting up your site and insure you are all set to go. We will also continue to provide technical support for our services to insure you are always set.

Why do you not allow customers to buy your hosting plans without having to contact you?

Overwatch Media Web Services is here to insure you are buying services based off of what you want and what you actually need, insuring you have a better awareness of what you are paying for. We want to take the guessing game out of Web Hosting and Services. Sometimes we look at a hosting plan and think this is what I need without knowing what we are getting into. Such as buying a shared web hosting plan without being told you may need to have coding experience. Or paying for a drag and drop hosting plan, without realizing that it is significantly limited. Our owners have been through this, and want to make sure you avoid throwing your money down the drain.

Why do you NOT recommend your clients to get a free hosting option?

Overwatch Media does not offer a free hosting solution to insure those paying get the most from their service. Why we don’t recommend our clients to mix our services with a free hosting solution:

Your site is usually bogged down with ads all across your page. This is not bad if you opt in to do it yourself, but with free hosting, you typically won’t make money off of these ads either. So if you have a popular page, visitors ma be taken away to another page and you will not even get any pay for all of those referrals.

You have no idea where these ads are populating from and you can’t turn them off on specific pages. So if you are trying to sell products and collect personal information, there information can be more susceptible to stealing. Meaning you lose fans and clients trust and support.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Yearly Savings Plan?

Yearly plans are very popular because most people need a website for at least a year. Our Yearly typically include free additional offers at no cost to include special discount savings. If you sign up for a yearly agreement, you will automatically be billed on a yearly basis. If you subscribe to a monthly agreement, you will automatically be billed on a monthly basis.

How do I purchase my own domain?

You can purchase your own domain with with us by contacting us. Once picked, we will work on setting you and your website up.

Can I use my existing domain or transfer it over?

If you have purchased a domain elsewhere, you can transfer it to Overwatch Media as well.
To connect an existing domain Contact Us and we will get you set up.

How do I pay for my plan?

Once you Contact Us we you can purchase a plan using a credit card and major debit cards.
Please contact our Support Team using the form with any additional questions – we’re here to help!

We do offer one time fees for your projects.

As of October 25 2020 our going rate is usually 45/hr. Sometimes it is lower and additionally, military discounts still apply