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  • LG Lawn Care Case Study

    LG Lawn Care Case Study

    An Ashland, Ohio Lawn Care Company. LG Lawn Care needed a website logo created to look established and accept quotes online. That is where Bradenton’s Website Designer Overwatch Media, LLC came in. Creating a sleek logo and website, LG Lawn Care is left as another satisfied customer. LG Lawn Care is a lawn care company […]

  • Village Doctors Case Study

    Village Doctors Case Study

    A Starke, FL Medical Office. Village Doctors had been operating without a website for over 30 years. They had no idea how they wanted the site to look, all they knew is that they needed one to attract new patients to their family medical practice. First, we made their website design, hosted their website, then […]

  • Are Single Member LLCs That Difficult?

    Are Single Member LLCs That Difficult?

    EDIT: 2023/05/08: This is article is written with Florida in mind; other states may have different rules. Also, we did not mention that in Florida and many other states, if you personally guarantee a contract or debt, then your personal assets could be affected. Keep in mind each state is different and has their own […]

  • Minimizing Emergency Room Overcrowding Case Study

    Minimizing Emergency Room Overcrowding Case Study

    In 2018 we finished preparing a brief for a Hospital. Their issue was that they wanted to minimize ER overcrowding. We analyzed data like their response time from first check in to being admitted and then presented our findings and provided multiple suggestions on ways they could realistically help minimize their overcrowding situation. Additionally, we […]

  • The Importance Of Creating A Digitally Cultured Workplace

    The Importance Of Creating A Digitally Cultured Workplace

    In this article, Tony Holbrook helps you to identify the ‘Why’, the ‘Who’, the ‘What’ and the ‘When’ to help take your organization to the next level of a digitally cultured workspace. If you haven’t yet started, the time is NOW! He writes, “I can’t stress enough how important it is to start now. Begin […]

  • Spirit4Christ Case Study

    Spirit4Christ Case Study

    A Bradenton, FL Religious Company.Spirit4Christ had little business knowledge and little to no design knowledge and needed a fully managed solution. We provided, but not limited to, Business Consulting in general business, communication skills, presentation design and preparation. They also wanted to present themselves professionally, so we designed their business cards, created a logo that […]

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