Military and Veterans Discount Program


Overwatch Media would be honored to give back to the United States Military Personnel and Veterans by awarding them discounted hosting, and web design services. That is for the freedom we hold dearly, accorded to us by all active duty and veteran Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Coast Guardsmen and Airmen. For putting country before their goals and dreams. As a web hosting and business service site that provides customized web design and hosting service, honoring our active duty military and veteran personnel with these discount programs is our way of saying thank you. We choose not to be restricted to honoring them on Veteran’s Day only. We choose to honor them 24/7 with our services.


Get a 7% Discount off our DIY hosting and up to 7% off most our other product and Services. We offer different types of hosting, all of which as military personnel and veterans, you would be eligible for. Getting started is very easy. All you need to do is contact us. We shall take you step by step. That will enable us to understand what you want, your capabilities and precisely what you are looking for. Contacting us first is to ensure that you understand the hosting your purchase.

Free hosting is not something we encourage simply because of the numerous ads that will clog your website and won’t earn a dime out of it. Secondly, for security purposes for all the information you have on your clients.

Military and Veteran Discounts When on a plan

Get a 15 percent discount on designs, some of our print products, and certain software like QuickBooks when you are using our Big Business, or Enterprise plans. By contacting us first, we can walk with you step by step.

Comes With Our Step by Step Outlook

Even though you get a discount, the quality-of-service stays; we still utilize our step-by-step approach so please contact us so we can walk with you.

At Overwatch Media, we know how much being there for each other matters to the military, that’s why we work with you one on one so you can have a better chance to start your business right, and avoid making some of those initial pricey mistakes.

Military and Veteran Discount eligibility

This program applies to active United States Military Personnel and Veterans. These are Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Coast Guardsmen and Airmen. NOTE: discounts may only apply to all ‘other than dishonorable’ discharged vets. Dishonorably discharged may call to confirm.

  • Discount Subject to Change at Any Time
  • Discounts should not be expected to be combined. Combination of different discounts are at the discretion of Overwatch Media, LLC