About Us

About Us

Our WHY (Mission)

We are here to encourage, empower, and aid in the development of others so in turn they can share their ideas, knowledge and creations, fully knowing that they are creating a positive impact on their community.

How Do We Accomplish Our Why

We provide step by step guidance to help musicians, small businesses, and enterprises expand thei business and/or successfully establish their online or physical establishment without having to pay a vast and expensive fee.

What do we offer

We provide Total Business and Website Development. We provide services to businesses and individuals so that they can accomplish their purpose and share their great information and products. Our services are vast so just ask if you are not sure if we can provide a particular service. We help design websites as well as help businesses establish themselves legally, financially, and with their target audience. Some examples include business consulting, filing or providing guidance on registering with federal and state, business analysis, and creating custom websites and editing current websites. There are much more services so just ask to see how we can help. If we do not think we can do a good job or offer a particular services, we will try and route you to someone that can.

How Can You Help us accomplish our mission?

By using our Web Hosting and Designs, you can help our cause by encouraging others to also share their unique ideas. If a business or individual is not dealing with the sharing of ideas, creations, and knowledge, by at the very least ending the day feeling fulfilled with the work that you’ve accomplished, you can share your experience, and others will get a sense that they can make a positive impact on themselves and on others as well.

Company History

Overwatch Media, LLC came into existence because there are not enough people who are willing to take the time to work one on one with Creators to develop an effective One Stop Shop solution that meets the Creator’s needs and wants.

We focus our work on helping names who are not experienced in web hosting, creation, and entrepreneurship and directing you in the right direction, while ensuring that it does not break your bank. Upon observation, we noticed that getting a guidance service was rare in the market, and if at all available, was extremely costly. Therefore, we offer to you the service as well as guidance without asking for any extraordinary fee. We understand that it can be difficult to get a site up and making an online establishment is not easy, so you can rely on us to help you in any and all ways we can.

Step by Step Guidance

With Overwatch Media, LLC, you no longer have to wonder what will work for your business’ or name’s online establishment. Going all along the process with you, we help you determine what to add, how to maximize your budget funding, set up and give you a hosting account that you can run, provide information and help with add-ons on WordPress sites, and much more. With our experienced help and web hosting services, you are on your way to a successful web and/or business setup!