Build a brand and create a greater listening experience for your current and potential fans waiting out there for you

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Showcase Your Music

Are you wondering how to get your music heard, With more than enough space to house over 100+ songs and videos you can do just that

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Sell Your Music

Hate how sites want to take your royalties from you or else charge you a yearly fee for every song or album you upload. Take control. Keep more of your album sales. We take no royalties and you set the price.

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Connect With Your Fans

Ready to get official, with a purchase of our hosting services you may be eligible to claim your own domain at no extra cost to you.

Will You Be Ready

When you do your first radio interview and the host asks the question,

“where can people buy and listen to your music”,

what will you tell them? Make it simple for your fans to find you and allow us to help build your site for you and your fans. Be ready, and tell them something simple and official like

Discounts to Musician Services

New and Current Hosting members are capable to receive special discounts to our other services to musicians. Some of those include:

Mixing and Mastering 
If you’re in need of Mixing and Mastering services, We’re Looking Out For You. Need to make brighten and add loudness to your track so it can actually compete or sound as good as professional artists without distortion? Well then this is the service for you!

Design and Products 
Flyers for shows, Banners and Posters, and Other Marketing Materials are a great way to get your name and message out to the public. Check out our various services.

CD/Album Designs 
Need a fresh design for your next Album, Mixtape, or Single Release. With sleek and quality designs, you can get a thumbs up for your first impression to new and current fans

Licensing, Remixing, and Cover Songs 
Looking to use one or more of our songs in a movie, part of your commercial, or as a remix or cover song? Song licensing is the way to go!

Need help? Book a call or meeting at a time to suit you

We are ready and happy to help. We will be patient with you to ensure you understand what we discuss for we know you may not have the knowledge of a hosting admin.