Management and Business Consulting

At Overwatch Media, we have a team here to provide consulting services and management for your business. We understand you may not have the time, and wearing several hats for your business can prevent you from actually running it.

To see how we have helped other companies with these services, please take a look at our resume.

We will work with you to develop your company. We can help run your business or help with outsourcing simple tasks and conducting training, like business communication. Some include:

Office 365 Setup and Support:
Office 365 is a great way to help ensure U.S. Government and GDPR compliance. Plus all of the unique tools. We will help you figure out how you can implement Office 365 into your business, set up and manage office 365, and provide tech support.

Management Services (bookkeeping, communication, etc)
We will be a consulting manager for your company. We may do things listed below to also include help with outsourcing, managing finances, filing legal paperwork, presentations, and more.

running Ad campaigns, providing marketing ideas, and branding to bring in more customers to your site and/or business

SEO (Managed Services):
Semi or fully managed. Need help reaching the top of Search Engines. Bring more traffic to your website. We will do it for you, or you can provide us the information and we take care of the rest.

Email Marketing (Managed Services):
Semi or fully managed. We will send email campaigns on your behalf to bring in customers and further help build a loyal customer following.